Are Alliances with Adults Strategically Important for Young People’s Participation or is there a danger? »

Alliances with Adults are strategically crucial for young People’s participation. However, there can also be a danger. It simply depends on their foundation.

Alliances, such as strengthening the mutual relationships between adults and young people, are strategically more important for the latter’s participation if both categories are working with the same strategic mission, vision, and objectives. Through such strategic alliances, adults can effectively provide youths with opportunities to participate in decision-making and problem solving, achieve democracy and good governance. Both adults and youths work together for peacebuilding, social and economic development, and sustainable development for holistic societal interests. Well-trained and prepared young people will acquire skills, experiences, and character to become the critical change agents for a successful future.

Alternatively, alliances with adults can handicap young people’s participation, especially when the two categories do not have the same strategic objectives. Youths are the most active category of the population. For example, ill-intentioned adults use youths to achieve their personal or sectorial hidden agendas, such as accessing political power, instilling armed conflicts, and economic goals. In such cases, adults limit youth to fully enjoy their fundamental rights, including access to adequate education, resources, and economic and social rights. The voice of young people will not be heard, and their efforts will not be considered and rewarded. They are only resources for adults, not partners.

Thus, even though alliances with adults can be a danger for younger people’s participation, they are more advantageous if they are well built. Most young people have gained more in decision-making participation and have gained sounds experiences from adults’ mentorship. Hence, adults are encouraged to associate youths in the strategic activity for sustainable success.

Eric Nsengimana

Founder, Chairperson and International Representative of AJAP

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