Topic:Sustainable and inclusive economicgrowth : contribution of Burundi to achieve the 2063 AU Agenda

The Association for Progessive African Youthis an Association established in Burundi in 2007 and legal lyrecongnized by Burundian Government in 2010. Operational now in Africa, America and Europe, AJAP has got the AU ECOSOCC status in 2022 and the UN ECOSOC in 2019. As a Civil Society Organisation, some of the domains of actions are environment, health, development, education-training, human rights, communication, gendere quality. AJAP mottois stated as follow« Initiative for the change of mentality, Youth inspired to change the World ». AJAPdailyfollows the evaluation of the situation in the whole World and in many domains of human life likely peace and security, economy, health, education, development, to name but a few.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the AU ECOSOCC and to contributre to the magazine that is been written on the same occasion, AJAP focus will lie on the topic« sustainable and inclusive economicgrowth : contribution of Burundi to achieve the AU 2063 Agenda».

How do were all yget a United Africa ? This question leads one to rethink on the contribution of each african country to achieve the mission of united Africa. Weoften hear the European Union, United Stated of America. What are the strengths do African countries have to bereally united ?These questions are more important for each african country to contribute to the achievment of the AU 2063 Agenda. Each country has to develop strategies to grow the economy. We are able to present the situation of more countries as AJAP is present in the whole World. However, for space constraint as one of the condition in the appeal of proposition, our focus will rely on some of the startegies and policies undertaken by Burundi Government to contribute not onlytpo the development of the citizens but also in the achievment of the 2063 AU Agenda.

Firstly, to overcome the issue of joblessthatwas moreoftenobserved in Burundi, the Government has sentitized the population on the topic of job creation. Here, wecannot talk about development and at the same time excludeyouth, the majority of the population. The Burundi Government has initiated the YouthEconomic and Employment Program, PAEEJ in a french accronymwhere over 3000 young people have createdtheirownjobs. Besides, it has establishedthe YouthInvestment Bank, BIJE in a french accronym. The notion of genderequalityhas also not been leftbehind for a Bank for the Developpement of Ladies, BIDF in a french accronymhas been implemented. All of theses initiatives are to raise the BurundiEconomyespeciallyfor young people includingfemales.

Secondly, the Government of Burundi isnowworking to achievethe vision of Burundi, emergentcountry in 2040 and a developpedcountry in 2060 ; this, to alignwith the development of the region, African and the whole World particulary to bringits contribution to the achievment of the 2063 AU Agenda. One mayaskhimself how thiscontributes to the 2063 AU Agenda. The answeris simple : once Burundi isdevelopped, itspeople are developped, industries are developped, there are products to export to other countries in the region, the AU and elsewhere, thereismovement of goodsproduced in Burundi, and as a resultthe economyhas been raised. That iswhat AJAP appreciated as the United Africawheneconomy of eachmember state is highwhich in return affects the economy of the wholecommunity.Withthis vision of Burundi in 2040 and 2060, the plan is to developp allsectorsnotablyeducation, environment,health, peace and security, humanrigths, to name but a few. « Togetherwecan », states the Government.

Burundi is also contributing to maintain peace and security in some of the African Countries namely Somalia, Central African Republic, and DRC. Wecan not achieve the 2063 AU Agenda without peace and security. People are called to peacefully cohabitate. Undoubtedly, peace and security are perturbed by the ennemies of Africa. These include some of the leaders of outside of Africa bu also some African sthat are instrumentalised.We dare to say this for, Africais generally potential ledwith many economic resources. Africa empower so ther continents but is generally failing to developit self and this maybe due to the history of Africa. It is then high time westood up and defended the interests of Africain unity.

Last but not least, AJAP calls on all countries to conjugate their efforts in figthinga gainst the various disasters that are now a days ofthen in different countries due to climate change. This should b eanother point to think on in order to achieve the 2063 AU Agenda. As a way of illustration, due to water flow, citizens living issomelocalities nearby Lake Tanganyika are relocating.We hear that even in other countries, the climate change is causing various calamities. And thes econstitute handicaps for the steps already undertaken to grow african economy.

To conclude, AJAP wishes a happy 20th anniversary to the African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council and reiterateits contributions to achieve the 2063 AU Agenda.We call upon all member states to strength encooperation, share experiences. People are generally called upon to change their mentalities and develop Africa and the Whole World.

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