Chaired by AJAP Africa Representative Mr. Eric NSENGIMANA, general commissioners, notably the Commissioner General of Human Rights and the Commissioner for Communication, members of the National Executive Committee and Provincial Representatives of AJAP met in Ordinary General Assembly Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the headquarter of the association in Kigobe. Normally, in order for the Ordinary General Assembly to meet at the national level, two-thirds of its members must be present as set out in the rules of procedure of AJAP. In the present case, the quorum was reached because 15 out of 18 provincial representatives had answered.

It was a meeting that was part of the process of evaluating major achievements and making projections for the future. It was largely characterized by the presentation of two reports, namely the 2017 annual report and the financial report, followed by an exchange and questions- answers session.

In a welcoming speech, Mr. Eric NSENGIMANA President and Legal Representative of AJAP asked the assembly to follow with interest the presentations that were planned. The 2017 Annual Report was presented by Mr. Ferdinand NDIHOKUBWAYO, Commissioner General for Communication at AJAP. Through this report, Mr. NDIHOKUBWAYO showed that the year 2017 was marked by many achievements despite the delay in the transmission of reports by some provincial representatives. These are the raids made by the AJAP Africa Representative either inside or outside the country as part of the community development work and youth outreach for a culture of peace, interviews between the African Representative of AJAP and some national representatives on the one hand and the national representatives on the other hand. He added that the Panafrican Youth Forum from 21 to 25 August 2017 and the release of the appointment of representatives in more than 25 countries at the international level remain the flagship activities that marked the year 2017. He also told main achievements outside Burundi, including the official launch of AJAP Gabon’s activities, the dispute over the constitutional revision in Bamako, the Panafrican Youth Forum held in Kampala from October 16 to 17, 2017, the conference organized by the AJAP DRC on Mobilization and Youth Awareness in view of the enlistment for the general elections in the DRC, and many others. With regard to decentralization, Mr. NDIHOKUBWAYO said that the flagship activity was the establishment of AJAP Kankan Regional Office.

The general treasurer  who presented the financial report returned to the state of financial resources of the Association, while browsing each province, commune by commune. She reminded that the funds of the association come from membership fees and funding from its partners. Some provinces have not yet provided the status of monthly contributions, there are 3 months or more, she worries. After the two presentations, participants asked questions. These usually focused on the Youth Investment Funds project and the lack of resources for reporting.

“Anything is possible with the will,  in the absence of money, activities must not stop,” said AJAP Africa Representative in response to some provincial representatives who expressed concern over lack of resources for the production of activity reports. Regarding the YIF project, Mr. Eric NSENGIMANA explained that the beginning of this project should rather be a concern of each member and especially the representatives. He challenged them to increase awareness sessions for other young people so that the project starts as soon as possible.

At the end of the meeting, the AJAP Africa Representative gave several advice to the assembly to strengthen the association’s structures, which were welcomed by the participants. Among the future prospects, provincial representatives were asked to teach the Association’s anthem to members, especially new members, and to hold regular meetings. Finally, Mr. Eric NSENGIMANA said that AJAP will always work tirelessly to build a united, peaceful and prosperous Africa.