“A Continent, a Committed Youth: What is the role of the African Youth in achieving a Pacific, Prosperous, Strong and United Africa”.

Achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the2063 Millennium Development Goals is the main concern of the Association for African Progressive Youth, AJAP in acronym. The strategies to achieve this are various and for this reason, AJAP is organizing a Panafrican Youth Forum from 21-25 August 2017 in Bujumbura-BURUNDI under the theme “A Continent, a Committed Youth: What is the role of African Youth to achieve a Peaceful, Prosperous, Strong and United Africa”.  However, the latter requires considerable preparation in order to make it more perfect, which will generate the formulation of constructive recommendations by any category present in the Forum.

Thus, this March 14th, 2017, in the Panoramic Hotel in Bujumbura-Burundi, the Association for African Progressive Youth, AJAP organized an official launch day for the Panafrican Youth Forum known as DIPLOMATIC COFFEE MEETING, an occasion for AJAP to raise awareness of the merits of this Forum around a Coffee and all diplomats to support morally, technically or financially for its success. Diplomats and high-ranking officials of the Government, in particular the Minister for the Presidency in charge of the affairs of the East African Community, the members of the Burundian Parliament, the Ministers, the Members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, The Representatives of the National and International Organizations, the Representative of the African Union, to name but a few; all of these were present.

“Would there be a motivation for AJAP to have organized the Panafrican Youth Forum in Burundi?”

In his introductory speech, Mr. Eric NSENGIMANA, Chairman and African Representative of AJAP, expressed his feeling of satisfaction for a massive participation in this meeting and then presented briefly the history of AJAP, an Association born as part of the framework for youth. In addition, “AJAP is currently represented in 35 countries out of 54 countries in Africa,” he added. He sought this opportunity to considerably thank the Burundi Government for having accepted to host this Panafrican Youth Forum, without forgetting to mention the Ministry of External Relations and International Cooperation of its efforts to commit itself to the facilitation in visas granting for foreign guests. “The number of participants is estimated at 350 from all categories. In addition, the theme of the day “A Continent, a Committed Youth: What is the role of the African Youth in achieving a Peaceful, Prosperous, Strong and United Africa” ​​was not chosen randomly but rather after having found that Many African countries are still developing and that some countries would have been concerned where young people have been solicited and succumbed to these crises.

“AJAP is interested in the creation of income-generating activities to combat unemployment”.

“In the fight against unemployment, which is a reality in recent days, AJAP has set up a YIF Youth Investment Fund Program where young people themselves will invest and have access to be financed in their micro projects». Before finishing his speech, Eric NSENGIMANA also thanked the UNESCO, UNFPA, CIRGL, PANORAMIC HOTEL, SATGURU, who have already confirmed their contribution to the success of the Forum and took advantage of this opportunity to call on the rest to do the same to support technically or financially this noble activity beneficial to all the Burundian population in general and the African youth in particular.

As for the Minister in charge of East African Community Affairs, she welcomed the AJAP initiative for organizing the Pan-African Youth Forum and reaffirms its commitment to spare no effort in

Madam NZEYIMANA Léontine

Minister in charge of East African Community Affairs

supporting this noble activity.

In his presentation, Ir Gerard BARUTWANAYO, General Secretary of AJAP, spoke about the achievements of AJAP in the areas of peace and security, education and training, communication, development, environment, Preparation of the Forum, Youth Investment Fund implementation. For him, the Forum will be an opportunity for African Youth to sit together and discuss various issues that haunt the youth and 350 young people are expected in this forum. In addition, the expected outcomes of the Forum are to have creative Youths from their own jobs, contribute to the development of Africa, peaceful conflicts resolution, peace and security consolidation, sex education, etc.

The activities were completed in a climate of fair-play around a café that AJAP had organized as the theme of the day itself says “DIPLOMATIC COFFEE MEETING”.