Us, youth, gathered in « Association for African Progressive youth (AJAP, acronym in French),

  • Having noticed that some African countries are under development;
  • Being preoccupied by the repetitive social-political crises in the some African countries;
  • Conscious that it is our duty to make our own destiny/good future;
  • Recognizing the importance of unification of all African countries in order to develop together;
  • Considering the clause  of the First  Panafrican Meeting of African Youth in Ivory-Cost on23 rd up 25June, 2016 with objective of promoting and  reinforcing the youth capacity for  facilitating his  access on information in order to  permit him to show his role in becoming a dynamic Agent of governance in decision making;
  • Recalling that the African continent is confronted to many challenges such as the political harmonization, the lack of the will to implement the decisions of integration, the lack to own the regional projects at the local level, the tend to avoid or not to involve private sectors and civil societies during the planning time of  policies, programs and projects;
  • We decide to organize in Burundi, Headquarter of the Association for African Progressive Youth, a panafrican forum with as theme « WHAT SHOULD BE THE ROLE OF THE AFRICAN YOUTH TO ACHIEVE A PEACEFUL, UNITED, STRONG   AND PROSPER AFRICA? »

To participate to this Forum, please click on panafrican-youth-forum-form

We want to make an STRONG and United Africa, equipped of its own identity, with its richness, culture, shared value with solid partners. An influential African the World Scene, that contributes to peace, Human wellbeing, in short “A BEST AFRICA”.

The initiative of holding this forum is in line with the First Panafrican Meeting of African Youth above mentioned (in Ivory-cost).

Being supported by our respective governments, through a franc dialogue/debate, using a participative approach, we want to set strategies that can lead us to find common solutions to common African problems.

We reaffirm that Africa makes a lot of efforts to overcome the above mentioned problems but still there others, like jobless and poor youth management. These problems  weaken the you, exposing them to any hazard or storm whereby one can use them for his/her own ends in return of rough money.

Conscious that the African Youth is the first victim of that ambiguous situation linked to the problems above mentioned, AJAP reiterates its ultimate goal to hold this Forum which is to bring the youth together, analyze those problems, debate them and suggest solutions that can lead to a sustainable peace and development in Africa.

Eric Nsengimana

African Representative of AJAP